Story Hill Creative

The Unfair Advantage: marketing that gives you such a commanding lead over your competition…


Story Hill Creative

The Unfair Advantage: Marketing that gives you such a commanding lead over your competition…


Why Hire Story Hill Creative?

Because we’re small.

And because we’re small, you get the creative edge.

We don’t do things in committee.  Big teams tend to value consensus and toss around good ideas until the creative edge is worn off. When we have an idea, it bounces only between us and you—and only gets sharper.

We float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

We’re flexible and nimble. We’re not only able to respond to your changing needs by altering course or making tweaks—but we’re also able to respond to new opportunities quickly, as they develop, without going through weeks of meetings. We run lean so we get your work done faster and better.

We bake your cake from scratch.

We 100% customize our proposal to your business. We don’t do cookie-cutter.

You’re the V.I.P. client.

Your needs are not competing with a mega-client for our attention. You’re the mega-client.  When you call, the owner answers the phone.   When you have a meeting with Story Hill Creative, the owners come to it. When you have a problem, the owner solves it.

We have the creative firepower you need.

We’re a boutique agency, but that doesn’t mean we’re snowflakes.

How many businesses can say their marketing content was created by a New York Times bestselling author and million-dollar copywriter, and a former Hollywood columnist internationally-syndicated in over 350 newspapers?

Yours can, with Story Hill Creative.

We both come from pretty rough and tumble neighborhoods, as you’ll see on the next page.