Can herbs and vitamins help strengthen your immunity?

Is it safe to take echinacea or elderberry?

What does the scientific research actually say about vitamin D and COVID-19?

Discover the answers to these and many, many more questions about supplements and your immune system.

Immune Boosters:

The Science On Supplements And Immunity

*eBook not available directly from Amazon. (Why not?) Can be downloaded to Kindle from BookFunnel purchase link above.

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What Do People Who Take Vitamin C Know That You DON’T!

The scientific facts about vitamin C and colds.

2 embarrassing situations where vitamin C can help you heal FASTER!

9 reasons why your cardiologist is taking vitamin C!

And much, much more!

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Why The Immune Boosters ebook Is Not Available From Amazon

The ebook of Immune Boosters is not available through Amazon because the book was blocked by Kindle Direct. Since the pandemic began Amazon has been overwhelmed with scam products—including scam ebooks, many of which contain plagiarized material. Instead of beefing up its human support staff to intelligently curate books, Kindle created an algorithm that eliminates all books that contain the words “covid-19” or “coronavirus.” This has eliminated some, but not all, scam books but has also resulted in books from real authors being blocked. Books of poetry, essays, and, in my case, scientific information backed up with references, have been blocked from the platform. Scam books are fewer but still proliferating.

The most frustrating part of all this is that it’s impossible to get an intelligent, detailed response from Kindle support. The only response I can get is a canned script that regurgitates the same generic reasons over and over.

Some authors have gotten around the blockade by simply removing all uses of the offending words from their books. I considered that, but decided it would be dishonest. The words appear in a few dozen places, around half of which are  in the titles of a handful of the published scientific studies cited in the book. It would take a reasonably literate person about two minutes to discern that Immune Boosters is not a scam book. Maybe someday Amazon will make the investment in their platform to intelligently make the distinction between scam books and the real thing.

In the meantime, the mobi file can be purchased from the link above and downloaded to your tablet or computer. From there, it can be loaded on your Kindle by using the email provided for all Kindle accounts. How? Look HERE.