Story Hill Creative

Content isn’t just king.

It’s everything.

Especially on websites.

NASA scientists might use math to communicate with intelligent life on other planets. But on this planet, we use words to tell stories, to communicate feelings, do business, argue politics, tell people we love them, teach each other—and to sell things.

While creating a digital presence requires technical know-how—which we also have, since we built this website—content is more important than ever. Without content, there is NO website, no SEO, no social media.  And the richer and more engaging and useful your content—as well as the design of your website—the more effective your marketing.

Is your website a fugitive from the 90s?


Your website tells the world who you are. About 75% of the time, it’s the first view prospective customers or clients get of your business.

They come searching for content that answers their questions, but which also engages and entertains them.

But there’s more to it than that.  What about YOUR need to make that person into a customer or a client?  Can your content do that, too?

Yes, it can—if it’s written by someone who knows how to inform AND sell at the same time.

That’s where we come in.

How many businesses can say their website content was created by a New York Times bestselling writer and top direct response copywriter, and a former Hollywood columnist syndicated in over 350 newspapers?

Yours can, with Story Hill Creative.

Good content will boost your SEO, too.

Because, it turns out, though, search engine optimization is actually content optimization.

Search engines aren’t just looking for keywords. They’re looking for content.

Content packed with information people can use. Content that’s easy to read and entertaining. Content that answers questions but also communicates the unique benefits your business offers.

That kind of effective content is not easy to come by.

Unless you’re a Story Hill Creative client.

Social Media is smart content, smartly placed.

Don’t think of social media as some newfangled thing added to your “must-do” list.

Think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as good old fashioned word of mouth amplified by the web.


But success on social media is not automatic. You can spend a lot of money on social media and get very little in return.

The key, once again, is content. 

Information-rich, engaging content can amplify your free social media and spread the word about your business.

We know how to do this, because we’ve been doing it for years, even before it was a thing.

We’ll create the best content in each channel to get the strongest response for your business.

Custom Publishing

Books, brochures, flyers—we can create your content to hand off to your team or take it all the way through design and printing.

Content is our most important product.

Yours too.