Unfair Advantage?

Advertising that gives you such a commanding lead over your competition…


Your Website:

Will not just invite, welcome, and inform—it will compel viewers to do business with you.

Your Social Media:

Will be transformed into a word-of-mouth machine, so you get the maximum benefit with the least time and money.

Your SEO and Pay-Per-Click:

Will be so powerful, your business will be the one people find —and click on— when they’re looking for the services you offer.

And HOW do we do this?   In a word… CONTENT.


Content is our most important product

We’re in the word business. And so are you.

Without content, there is no website, no SEO, no social media. And the richer, more engaging your content, the more effective your marketing.

Persuasive, powerful content is what we do. We’ll pack your website and social media with content people can use and that builds customer interest and loyalty.

And, by the way, that’s exactly the kind of content that will lift your business in the search engine rankings.

We float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Why hire Story Hill Creative?

Because we’re a small agency—and that’s a good thing.

Because we’re small, we’re faster, more efficient, and more flexible. With less overhead, you get more for your money.

We’re here to grow your business. You’re our V.I.P client. When you call Story Hill Creative, the owner answers the phone.

We’ll be your rainmakers.

We have the creative firepower you need.

We’re veterans of two of the toughest content neighborhoods anywhere.

Dominick is a veteran of the hand-to-hand combat of direct mail, where results are measured down to the individual sale and you live and die by your results and nothing else.

Stacy is a veteran of the Hollywood beat, as a syndicated columnist and entertainment reporter in print and television, where she effectively dealt with giant egos and powerful interests.

Together, we’ll create the advertising that will grow your business.

Some of our work…right out of the oven…

Ascension Lutheran Church

This brand new 130-page website has tripled unique visitors over the old site, and many of those are new. The site ranks on the first page of Google in its local search. Please take a look!

A Little Compassion

A relatively simple website for a new nonprofit is the first phase of a large project which will include a second website for their planned coffee shop as well as social media for both enterprises.

Ascension Foundation

As a warm-up to the 130-page church website, we built this 14-page Foundation site.

Wild Pizza Website

This quickie website was built in a couple of days for the purpose of giving readers of Wild Pizza access to full-size recipe photos.

Wild Pizza

We developed, tested, and photographed the recipes for this new cookbook. Then we designed and published a print edition and an ebook.

Story Hill Creative Elegant

We love building websites SO MUCH that we created two complete versions of our own! If you’d like to see a minimal and elegant design of this website, click here.